Zo Williams is a self-published author, relationship coach, television and radio personality. A student of world religions, Zo is a passionate and opinionated dynamo who offers revolutionary thoughts about the breakdown of social systems and institutions and how they impact human relations within the urban/alternative community. Dubbed as “Tupac meets Deepak,” or the “The Hip Hop Dr. Phil,” Zo lends a unique perspective to the relationship coaching world.

Zo got his professional start as a music executive. Having worked with a myriad of Hip Hop and Pop Music heavyweights at Loud and Maverick Records over the years, Zo began noticing the thematic shift in music content. Recognizing that this shift could be traced back to some of the negative nuances in how his generation related to one another and ultimately the world, Zo felt called to be of service. He set out on a path that would pool his life experiences, literary skills, and independent studies backgrounds together. As a result, Zo Williams has emerged as a highly sought after relationship coach and one of the premiere authorities on relationships and the Hip Hop Community (Generation X.)

Currently, Zo can be found hosting his own show, The #ZoWhat? Morning Show, which is under the network. He also can be heard on The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show. Zo has appeared on several television shows including, Spitfire, a hip-hop roundtable show with rap legend Kool Mo Dee and as a panelist on TV One’s, Black Men Revealed. Zo Williams is currently working on the follow up book to his 2015 release, The Relationship Dismount, The Holographic Relationship.



The #ZoWhat? Morning Show is a riveting and nationally renowned radio and webcasted show, hosted by national thought leader, lecturer, and radio personality, Zo Williams. In depth and entertaining, #ZoWhat? Morning Show is engaging and informative- covering a range of topics including relationships, politics, race, sexuality, pop culture, and issues related to gender and family. The show’s appeal is unprecedented in that it airs live online every Monday morning to a global faithful follow that can tune in from their computer or phone through the show’s hosting platform,


The Voice Of Reason

Zo Williams’ voice of reason radio program got its start in the month of April of 2008 under actor-comedian and singer Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole radio SIRIUS/XM satellite banner. The show has evolved immensely over its nine-year lifespan.  Initially, Geoff Brown who is currently a co-host on the Zo what morning show was handpicked by Zo to ride shotgun on the voice of reason along with actress Writer Robin Thede. Jamie Foxx later elected to have Zo do the show alone because he felt it was Zo's show and that Zo's Voice needed to elevate more on the platform. Zo took to doing the show by himself like a fish to water, and he began to passionately intellectually emotionally and spiritually interact with the audience that was starving for insight inspiration and motivation surrounding intimate relationships. It was decided that Zo would take an open Thursday night slot that started from 5-7 pm pst to being his on air one on one work with the listeners.  Needless to say The Foxxhole's version of Zo's voice of reason show had an incredibly strong run that lasted from 2008 until 2013, where it lied dormant for 2 years and then in 2015 a rebirth of sorts took place, Zo Williams resurrected his voice of reason show brand and came back to the airwaves with a vengeance, now being broadcasted on DashRadio radio 3 nights a week.  ( M,W,F) 5-7PM PST Hot Line 323-230-4445





Dr. Mark Goulston is a clinical psychiatrist and national leader in the realms of relationships building and professional diplomacy. A celebrated author and columnist, his book, Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone, is a National Best Seller.


Geoff Brown is a comedian and actor with a vast range of comedic sensibility. He’s hilarious! He tours across the country and has been featured on every major comedy platform including the Arsenio Hall Show.