The Relationship Dismount


Do you have questions about where you are in your relationship? Should you stay? Should you go? Are you gearing up for the next phase? Or is it time for closure? If you’ve asked yourself any of those questions, this book is for you!

In Zo Williams’ new book, The Relationship Dismount, he will teach you how to identify the attitudes and behaviors that have been holding you back from being your best or your happiest self. He will help you figure out what is worth keeping, what we need to stop doing, and what we need to begin doing in order to have a healthy relationship.

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The Holographic Relationship

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                                     The Holographic Relationship


If you loved Zo Williams' Relationship Dismount book, you would indeed love his new book The Holographic Relationship. I invite you to Please Pre-Order your copy of Zo Williams's forthcoming book, and follow up to his critically acclaimed relationship workbook, "The Relationship Dismount." 

What is the holographic principle, and how can we use it to bring clarity to our intimate relationships? What does it mean to relate holographically? Are holograms two-dimensional storage units for three-dimensional human experiences? Is relationship information/history/memory/experiences, whether they be joyful or Traumatic stored in our minds, bodies, souls, or all of the above? All of these questions and more will be engaged in Zo Williams' new book the holographic relationship. Modern day scientists have come to the mathematically sound understanding that not only can energy never be destroyed but neither can information!

“Now, if don’t you know anything about holograms, or the creation of a hologram, it involves lasers that interfere with each other, holographic film, mirrors, and an object.[5] Holograms are a technique for creating/recording three-dimensional images on a two-dimensional surface. For example, a laser hits an apple and interferes with another laser which hits a mirror and then hits the holographic film. Once the laser hits the holographic film, the entire image of the Apple is now encoded onto the film.[5] Even more amazing, when you consider the miracle of technology is happening here, is that when you cut this film into pieces, every individual piece will contain the image of the apple.[5] Just as the whole picture appears throughout the holographic film, what I'm suggesting is that our relationships, which I surmise to be holographic in nature, behave in the same way. You can't compartmentalize trauma, neglect, and an unforgiving attitude--these things cannot so easily be banished to some remote, obscure place inside yourself. Every component of these experiences is interwoven into the fabric of your being, like the nonlocal image within a hologram.”
So again, The Holographic Relationship is saying: This information or self-knowledge about you is recorded all over you, like that of an event horizon of a black hole and can't be totally compartmentalized or hidden in your relationships, the information recorded is going to surface no matter what. The event horizon is the edge of a black hole that once crossed, represents the point of no return. The event horizon is the two-dimensional edge of a black hole, that Stanford Professor and Physicist, Leonard Susskind theorized that the data, or information, of all the matter that the black hole consumes, is recorded upon. The black hole itself is a point in space where the gravitational pull is so strong that not even light or sound can escape it. A black hole records the information of that which it consumes. That leads us to conceptualize a relationship “event horizon.” The information from your relationship experiences can never be destroyed. Although the physical aspect of the relationship has crossed the proverbial event horizon and has been destroyed physically (movies, dining out, cuddling, holiday dinners, family get-togethers), the information has been preserved on the relationship event horizon, which is holographic in nature. 

Two-Excerpts From Zo Williams’ forthcoming Book “The Holographic Relationship: A Deeper Look at the Union of Consciousness, GOD & Intimacy."