Teen Relationship Advice 

Here is my Truth. As a father, I'm terrified of doing the wrong thing or making the wrong decision as it pertains to the lives of my children. When they were young, I was very stern and sometimes forceful in pointing them in a particular direction. As I and they grew older, I began to understand that nothing I've tried to show them would work or be tested unless I loosened the reigns of parental authority and allowed them some freedom to exercise what they'd learned and heard from me and their mother over the years. I began to understand that instead of being a parental dictator, my children needed me to become a more compassionate mentor. They respect their mother and I so much because we laid a sturdy and precise foundation. This foundation is the key to their future and current success, as well as their personal growth!

At this time I wish to share, no better yet I desire to offer you and your family some of the ideas I've shared with my two sons and daughter! I hope these concepts although far from perfect can at least serve you and your family as a loose template for creating your own sturdy foundation for the accurate construction of your family’s desired future. 

With love, respect, and in Divine Service,